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Elsor Oy designs and manufacturers LED-luminaires and components. LED lighting solutions have increased a lot compared to traditional incandescent light bulbs and fluorescent tubes. LEDs are superior because of high light efficiency, durability and low energy consumption.

Because of these features LED luminaires are very suitable solutions for corporations, organisations and individuals looking for lighting solutions where light intensity, durability, size, energy consumption and thermal performance are of importance.

Elsor Oy specialises desinging and producing LED lighting components used in machine vision for industrial applications. Also other applications are possible. For example demanding indoor lighting, like transportation containers, boats, engine bays. Outdoor solutions consist for example construction lighting, vehicles and more.

  • Ultraviolet – Usage increasing rapidly – for sterilisation, air and water purification

  • Machine Vision – Industrial, automotive and aviation applications – for quality inspection

  • LED Luminaire desing – Usage of LEDs is growing exponentially – flexible desing and customisation for diverse applications

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LED design


We at Elsor Oy take pride following the latest trends, actually Elsor Oy is pioneering visionary in LED lighting technology. We put lots of effort on research and development (R&D) and consider the customer needs from all aspects. Thus, investing in development is beneficial to both, the customer and Elsor Oy.

LED production


Our personnel consists of leading edge specialists. We have broad production capacity which enables us to manage large production quantities and deliveries are secure and swift. For reacting quickly to demand peaks we have wide subcontracting network.



We operate in constant interaction with our customers. During development and production processes we are constantly in communication with the customer to assure that we meet the goals and the end-product is the best possible solution for the customer. We do appreciate two-way communication, it is essential to listen to the customer and take their needs into account. All this will ensure continuity of the development and succesfully managing the project.

“Technologies and people of tomorrow are closer than you expect. One needs innovative thinking and passion for entrepreneurship to reach your goals.”

Timo Sorsa, CEO of Elsor Oy


We cooperate with many international companies, as well as finnish ones.

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Through research & development and knowledge we will find for you and your company working solutions.